Suzanne keeps me fit, trim and very flexible. Classes are always fun, upbeat with a huge range of exercises. I so appreciate Suzanne's depth of knowledge and wide range of activities. At 68, I feel great. Thanks Suz!    


Whatever your fitness goals, Suzanne can get you there! Classes are vibrant and fun and designed with individuals needs in mind. She offers one on one, group and online classes to fit in with your daily schedule. I've been Suzanne's client and friend for 14 years now and exercising with her and our group is the highlight of my day and will forever be a part of my life.


Suz has taught me for almost a decade and I thoroughly enjoy her classes. She has a great environment and always makes sure we have a good laugh as well as a hard workout!


I credit Suzanne's expert knowledge of pilates and thorough approach to teaching it with getting me out the back pain that I thought was permanent. Her classes are as entertaining and varied as they are effective- I would recommend them to anyone, and I have!                                                         ...Wende

I am taking a lot longer to shop, I am reading the labels now and making better choices. The S Plan food videos are great! You can easily plan your weekly meals with this and the simple weekly menu planner! 


I can actually get up and down off of the floor with out pain! The longest journey really does begins with a single step!